Why get contactless?

Contactless chip payments help get consumers through lines more quickly with a simple tap of a contactless chip card, mobile device or smart watch. Your terminal may already be capable of accepting contactless payments! Offering customers the choice to pay with contactless shows them you care about their time and security and can mean shorter lines and more sales for you. Contactless chip payments take only a few seconds and are backed by the same strong security as EMV chip cards!

Ready to start accepting contactless payments?

Contactless payments can be helpful for merchant segments that require speedy payments. Many payment terminals are already capable of accepting contactless payments! Contact your acquirer or payment services provider and ask them about considerations and steps to get contactless.

What else should you consider when accepting contactless payments?

Your terminal screen and signage can help alert customers that you accept contactless payments. You’ll also want to train your employees on how to help your customers make contactless payments.

More Questions?

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